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Before we start,this has been requested for a bro in honor of his 400 watchers!Enjoy!

*in Piggeh's house*

Piggeh:*opens door*I'm home Ches!Did you miss me?*sees a note*Whats this?*reads note*

Note: Dear Piggeh,If you want to see your beloved Mr.Chair ever again,you must travel through Italy to find are hideout.From,Barrels

Piggeh:Well shit.....Time to go and save Mr.Chair from the BARRELS!

Note: P.S:We also stolen your friends

Piggeh:I'm going to need a Vespa for this...........*gets on a Vespa*To Narnia!

Vespa:You're not Pewdie!

Piggeh:Just hurry up so I can save Pewdie and Mr.Chair!

Vespa:Why didn't you say that earlier!?Lets go and save them!

*several hours later outside of city life*

Piggeh:Aw crap!Its raining!We need to find a cave!

Vespa:There's one over here!

Piggeh:Then hurry!

Vespa:*drives in the cave*We are almost there Piggeh!

?????:You finally made it Julius

Piggeh:How did you know my name?Who are you?

Pumped God:I am the Pumped God.I am one of your ancestors.You traveled far and wide to save your beloved Princess Ches

Piggeh:So you are eh?I thought you were a mythical legend!

Vespa:Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here?

Pumped God:*looks at Piggeh carefully*You appear to not have the proper gear to go save your Princess.It is too dangerous to go alone!Take these and use them to save her!*gives Piggeh a pink tunic and a sword made out bones*

Piggeh:*looks at tunic*Can I please have some leggings or something?This looks kind of like a skirt.....

Pumped God:Forgive me,but I don't have any.You'll just have to wear the tunic like how it is......

Piggeh:Its cool!I've always wanted to wear a skirt!

Pumped God:It is called the Hero's Tunic!Just hurry before your princess gets in big trouble!

Piggeh:What do you mean?

Pumped God:I'll show you.Look through this magical ball and you'll see what I mean Julius..........

*everyone looks in the magical ball and sees everyone chained up except for Stephano*


Stephano:*brainwashed and points sword at Pewdiepie*Remain where you are and remain loyal to the Barrels peasant!

Jennifer:Master Barrel,what shall we do to Pewdie,Cry,Marzia,and Mr.Chair?

Master Barrel:We shall let them become humiliated!*gets a dress similar to Princess Zelda's*Put Mr.Chair in these clothes!

Gonzales:As you wish Master

Marzia:This doesn't sound so good.....

Mr.Chair:*facepalm*Do I really have to wear that brother?

Master Barrel:This is for my enjoyment and your suffering!

Son:*crying*I just want to go home!

Cry:*confused*Why am I even here?

Piggeh:*looks at the magical ball*What the fuck happened to my friends!?

Pumped God:While you were gone shopping,they were kidnapped by the barrels and were taking hostage.

Vespa:What about Stephano?Why is he on the barrel's side?

Pumped God:The barrels knew about his supernatural strength,so they had to brainwash him in order to get the upper hand

Piggeh:*puts tunic on*Is it still raining outside?We must save everyone from the Barrel Army!

Pumped God:It stopped raining ever since you guys entered.I only summoned rain so you can hear what I have to say and so I can help you guys on your journey to save them!

Piggeh:We'll be on our way then!Lets go Vespa!

Vespa:Right!To Narnia!*starts driving to the BARREL's hideout*

*at the BARREL's hideout*

Master Barrel:So,is he ready in his outfit?

Bro:He is ready!Send him in Jennifer!

Jennifer:Come on Chair,don't be shy......

Mr.Chair:*in outfit,but his face is red*

Master Barrel:Excellent!

Pewds:*gets out of the chains*

Stephano:*points sword at Pewdie*

Pewds:*uses chairmode activate*You can't hurt me.I'm just a chair

*several minutes later*

Piggeh:*enters the hideout*We finally made it Vespa!

Gonzales:Halt!Who goes there!?

Piggeh:Yeah,I'M PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!*causes sound wave*

Gonzales:*deaf*I can't hear!Master!There's an intruder!

Master Barrel:Jennifer!Bro!Get him!

Bro:*grabs Piggeh's arm*What are you doing here Piggeh?

Piggeh:*kicks Bro's arm off*Isn't it obvious!?I'm here to rescue Mr.Chair!

Jennifer:Then go on and save your princess!I'll handle the Bro!*squashes Bro*

Master Barrel:Jennifer you filthy bitch!How could you betray your master!?

Jennifer:Its bad enough you made me betray my friends!

Piggeh:*runs to the BARREL's throne*

Master Barrel:So you finally made it Piggeh.

Piggeh:Why are you doing this to my friends!?

Master Barrel:Why exactly?Its because I want to return the favor!

Piggeh:What favor!?

Master Barrel:You have foiled my plans on ruling the world using Pewdie's body,so you shall see them all suffer!Stephano!

Stephano:What is it Master?

Master Barrel:Eliminate Piggeh while I brainwash Mr.Chair!

Stephano:Yes Master!*runs after Piggeh*

Piggeh:*pulls out his sword and stabs Stephano in the heart*You are a disgrace to the Bro Army Stephano,but I forgive you....

Stephano:*no longer brainwashed*What happened?


Master Barrel:Come brother!Kill your love for me!

Mr.Chair:*grabs sword and tries to kill Piggeh*

Piggeh:What are you doing Ches!?Stop this!*blocks Mr.Chair's attacks*

Mr.Chair:*knocks Piggeh's sword out of his hand and prepares to stab Piggeh's head*

Piggeh:*crying*Mr.Chair!Please!Don't do it!I love you!

Mr.Chair:*almost stabs Piggeh's head,but stops*

Pewds:*frees the others and uses Chairmode activate to return back to his house with almost everyone*

Master Barrel:What are you waiting for!?Stab him!

Mr.Chair:*no longer brainwashed*Why would I stab someone I love?*throws sword at Master Barrel's face*


Mr.Chair:Lets get out of here!Chairmode activate!*teleports him and Piggeh to Pewdiepie's house*

*at Pewdie's house*

Piggeh:So,why are you in a dress?

Mr.Chair:Just don't ask.....

Piggeh:You look cute in it though....

Mr.Chair:I do?

Piggeh:You really do Ches.....

Mr.Chair:Here's your reward for saving all of us Piggeh.....*kisses Piggeh*




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I'm an average female drawer that is especially good at drawing Sonic characters.I'm pretty smart and hope to become an animator and to have a YouTube account.I hope I can be as good as other members as well!

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